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Kelly’s Thoughts on Things- Features TravelEyez

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Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Yvonne Graber

Yvonne Graber, Founder and President of TravelEyez, a chic fashion accessory that organizes and stores your must-haves right at your fingertips for hands-free, easy access joins Enterprise Radio.

This episode of Enterprise Radio is in association with the Travel Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Yvonne Graber discuss the following:

  • Describe Traveleyez. What inspired you to start your business?
  • What steps did you take to launch your business?
  • What are some of the benefits of using Traveleyez for travel?
  • There are two different sizes. What sizes are best for what and what items can you pack in each one?
  • We are roughly a month out from the busy Christmas holiday travel season. Can you give us some tips on how to prepare for travel a month out?
  • What are your travel tips for those that might be going out of town this weekend and are packing last minute?

Yvonne Graber is the Founder and President of TravelEyez. TravelEyez is a chic fashion accessory that allows you to store and secure multiple pairs of eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses or a cell phone to a purse, a backpack, luggage handle, diaper bag, stroller, bicycle, gym bag, beach bag – or any other item that has a strap or handle. This accessory has a unique and patented formula for using colored zippers to create and connect multiple glasses cases. The cases can be used to store and secure most smart phones, car keys, money /credit cards, jewelry, or anything else that the user doesn’t want to keep in a pocket or lose in the bottom of a purse.

TravelEyez cases are made of black lightweight spacer mesh and are accented with six fun colored zippers that can be mixed and matched. The cases come in standard and large sizes and are sold in pairs. It is the most convenient way to keep your reading glasses at hand, your sunglasses at your fingertips – and your cell phone and accessories from being lost in the abyss of whatever purse or bag you’re carrying!


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Spend Time on What Matters (Hint: It’s Not Looking for your Glasses)

What does your typical day look like? We imagine it looks something like: Getting up early, fitting in some exercise, packing kids lunches, getting some list-making done for your day, organizing some care-taking for the house – most days it seems like there are varied and endless tasks! Quickly, you find your day is already jam packed – and it isn’t even noon yet!

Regardless of what your day consists of, we know you are busy and we know that many of the demands that are made from you throughout the day require your reading glasses.  Spend time on what matters, and here’s a hint: it’s not looking for your glasses!

            When we pause to reflect on our typical day, we realize that it is filled with moments that require us to read the small print or to engage with the details of a task. Whether you are signing a work document or reading a contract, filling in a school permission form, reading a menu, creating a grocery list, responding to emails or sending a text message we often complete daily tasks that require us to focus up close on the job at hand. We have become experts at multi-tasking and negotiating the minutiae of our day-to-day lives. 

            As our days are already so full, how inconvenient is it when you have to pause what you are doing to search for your glasses? You then spend the next few minutes either turning your living room or office upside-down or rummaging around in the bottom of your purse searching for your glasses, only to find a bunch of empty gum wrappers. Not only is it terribly inconvenient and a waste of time to be searching for your glasses, let’s face it, nobody really wants to ask their friend to read the menu to them at lunch because you cannot locate your reading glasses-  again. 

            Eliminate these little stresses from your life! We can help you to get on with your day and save you the time spent searching for your glasses! Conveniently attached to the strap of your purse, messenger bag or backpack, TravelEyez keeps your reading glasses, sunglasses and other important daily use accessories at your fingertips.

traveleyez-oct-blog-pic-3  2016 04 07 Travel Eyez-411

The clever style allows you to zip more than one TravelEyez together, ensuring that you spend less time turning your purse upside down and more time engaging with the people and events around you! Make searching for you glasses a thing of the past. Available in a wide variety of colors, TravelEyez has got you covered.

Always know where your glasses are and get on with your day!

Visit our Facebook page to see the ways in which TravelEyez can make your life easier!


October 13, 2016| By:TravelEyez | Comments | Category: Family,Travel

Tips for Keeping Fit with a Young Family

Parents with young kids always seem to struggle with finding time for healthy habits. Time, energy, finances and the minutiae of taking care of little ones make it difficult to get a good workout in! We’re big believers in the KISS system – keeping it simple can make a big difference when it comes to managing a busy schedule.

One way to keep things simple is to lower your standards. If you used to create five-course gourmet meals, it’s okay to pull something quick out of the pantry instead. Maybe you pride yourself on having a clean house where everything is always in its proper place. Shoving toys to one side of the room and passing on the dusting routine for a few weeks won’t cause any harm in the long run. Prioritize the “musts” and allow some flexibility on everything else.

Take advantage of the short chunks of open time that present themselves throughout the day, whether they’re a byproduct of your regular routine or a happy surprise. You can find short workout routines on YouTube, put your little darling in a stroller and walk around the block a few times, or do a few quick sets of squats, lunges or burpees. You don’t need to dedicate a full hour every day to exercise to reap some of the benefits. Short bursts of activity will add up!

Streamline your personal effects for getting out and about – you’ll have plenty of child-related items to keep track of, so minimizing what you’ll need will make it easier to get out the door. TravelEyez will be your favorite accessory here; just pop your keys, cell phone and sunglasses in a case or two and snap them onto the stroller handle or a bag strap. Keeping these items secure, organized and easily accessible whenever you need them will simplify every part of your daily routine and save time and stress.

2016 04 07 Travel Eyez-1872016 04 07 Travel Eyez-2222016 04 07 Travel Eyez-236

Another effective strategy is to get your exercise over and done with first thing in the morning. Set yourself up for success by working out before the day gets crazy and you’re pulled in a dozen different directions. Set everything out the night before so it’s easy to step right into workout mode, and then, even if you have to set the alarm a little earlier, go for it! Then you can take advantage of those quick little holes in your schedule to grab a quick power nap later in the day.

Set yourself up for success! Try some – or all – of these strategies and claim some healthy “me” time that will pay off in dividends with less stress and a healthier lifestyle.

Visit to get your sets today!


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