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Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest solutions! We came up with the idea of TravelEyez after losing our glasses in the bottom of a suitcase one too many times. TravelEyez is a unique fashion accessory and the answer to every traveler’s quandary: how to keep reading and sunglasses, and other small items, safe and handy.  


All colors and sizes can be zipped together and are interchangeable! Don't stop at just one pair - get colorful (and make it easier to quickly know which glasses are where!)

Free Shipping with the purchase of two or more pairs of TravelEyez!

Zip them together for hassle-free travel and life on-the-go!

You’re on the go –

whether it’s an international business trip or a walk to the park with your kids. Wherever you’re going, you want to keep things easy and look great. TravelEyez organizes and stores your must-haves right at your fingertips for hands-free, easy access. There’s a TravelEyez to suit your style. Just pick your favorite colors and head out the door. Accessorize with TravelEyez!

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